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Fragments by Victor Sira

Item #: VISI161
Published: Library of the International Center of Photography, NY 2009
Language: English
Hard Cover
ISBN#: -
62 pages 10 x 10 inch
Edition No.09 of No.25
Condition: New
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Fragments is composed of three series of collages. In each series, two visual languages — the representational and the abstract — are set to work and interact on the surface of grid paper. By placing my family’s photographs face down on the paper and arranging them in a random configuration, like characters of an unknown alphabet, an inner vision emerges, transforming reality. Together, the two languages extend the viewers’ sense of vision by shedding light on the working forces of forgetting and memory.

I. This first series of collages is composed of family snapshots and portraits assembled randomly on the surface of grid paper. Many of the photographs are creased and stamped and/or inscribed on the back.

II. This second variation of collages is made with a selection of my family’s black and white photographs placed on gradually exposed black and white Agfa photographic paper and then randomnly placed the squares and rectangles on the grid paper.

III. This third series of collages is made up of rectangular images with imprecise borders. Each image, exposed gradually on black and white Agfa photographic paper, has been arranged to form dissimilar patterns on the grid paper. The composition of each collage is shaped by the subtle variations of whites, greys, and blacks of the images.

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