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Good Copy by Peter Hendricks


Published: Steidl / Edition7L 2001
Edition: First edition.
Language: German/English
144 pages, 10.25x8.50x0.75 inches
ISBN: 3882437898
Book Condition:Good

#European Books #First Edition #color #Photobooks #Out of Print #Documentary Photography

Good Copy can be read like a novel, but one filled not with words but with pictures. In it, photographer Peter Hendricks recounts the story of his family, its roots, its development, its contemporariness. Over a period of five years, he has documented its everyday life: a child is born, a vacation is taken, so-and-so play together, a grandfather is visited. It's an ordinary life, just like any other, and it is sometimes intruded upon by the world that exists beyond its middle-class idyll. A war takes place in Kosovo, a large portion of the Sudanese population is starving, and Hendricks is there to take pictures. Then he returns home, and another child is born, another visit is paid to grandfather, and Hendricks witnesses all of these events equally and unsensationally through his camera. Short story by Georg Diez