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Meisa FUJISHIRO "South America"

tem #: MEFU#101
Published by Shueisha, 2003
Language: Japanese
26 cm x 19 cm, Approx. 200 pp, color photos.
Edition: First Edition
Condition: Used, Excellent
#Japanese Books #Photobooks #First Edition #b&w
#Documentary Photography


Araki protoge Meisa Fujishiro's first photobook was a photo-document of his travels in the continent of South America. Part photo-travelogue, in the Japanese tradition of “exotic” nude photography, where the photographer travels to a foreign land and finds uninhibited amateurs to pose for the camera, but also part photo-diary, in which Fujishiro frankly documents his transitory romantic conquests. A scandalous idea but one that places him in a long tradition of Japanese artists, writers and film-makers included, whose first works are largely autobiographical, confessional and overtly emotional. Fujishiro traveled to Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Columbia and Brazil, taking vibrant photographs of his lively "models," and equally vibrant photos of their habitat and scenery.

The salacious back-story helped turn that first book into a collector's item and a few years later he dipped into his archives of those photos for this expanded photobook, "South America." Truth be told, in Fujishiro's first book the writings were more scandalous than the photos, but here the scandal is all in the photos of his 20 models.

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